Communicating your science through illustration and visualization


Gut microbiome and cancer

Hope for immunotherapy success may lie in a diverse microbiome

Synthetic chromosomes

One third of a yeast's genome has been synthesized and successfully integrated

Icosahedral Protein Design

Self-assembling nanocages designed from dimers, trimers, and pentamers make use of symmetry

Light Harvester

Photosystem I resolved at 2.8Å reveals chlorophyll and carotenoids locations

Lasing on the edge

Unique resonator design uses topological insulating principles

CRISPR virus detection

Detecting viruses remotely in the field is possible with CRISPR


The grim journey between intra- and extravasation


Reviewing the interconnectivity of immune cells and neurons

Martian Atmosphere

Data visualization of ions escaping the atmosphere of mars due to solar wind

RNA delivery

Nanoparticles delivery custom RNA to be translated naturally by cells

Live Wire

Exploring the possibility and controversy of DNA as a conductor

Targeted Destruction

The bacterial CRISPR-Cas system brought to life as it targets viral DNA

Kidney Disease

Anatomical and biochemical mechanisms behind kidney disease and SUPAR's role

Twilight Coral

While the proportion of coral types changes over great depths, there is no lack of abundance

Gene regulation

Unraveling a chromosome to highlight various areas of gene regulation study

Protein Folding

Coevolution theory and how it can be used in the design of proteins

Atomic Resolution

Reference poster comparing microscopy techniques through a common sample

Transcription structures

Understanding the tunnels within RNA Pol II involved in transcription elongation

Scientific surf wave

Taking simulations to a real-world pool to create world-class waves

A Spinner's Secrets

Structure and function of a spider's 7 silk glands

Nacre shell Anatomy

What makes a mollusk shell so strong and crack resistant


Improving upon Li-ion batteries with silicon engineered to improve cycling

TMS for addiction

How TMS is used to reach deep of the brain to curb addiction.

Solar cell

Schematic of charge carrier dynamics in water splitting



I am an award-winning Certified Medical Illustrator with the knowledge and fresh ideas needed to communicate complex subjects from anatomy to atoms. Able to draw connections between diverse topics, I am keen to the needs of a project and seeing solutions where others may not. Able to speak the languages of both scientists and artists, I am in a unique position to create well-designed, accurate visuals.

I am currently a Senior Scientific Illustrator for the weekly scholarly journal Science. The majority of the work seen here is the property of the journal.

I hold a BFA in Medical Illustration from Rochester Institute of Technology.

You can learn more about me from this interview with Clarafi and these videos from Science.